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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is all over three big stories, a d.c. officer accused of attacking several women while armed and in full union form. a quick run to the gas station turns into a terrifying trip from baltimore to bethesda, tonight the mother
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who jumped out of a moving car to save her child tells her story. plus a new texting tragedy, a passenger falls into the tracks. tonight the man who saved her life is talking exclusively to fox 5. but we begin tonight with that officer under arrest. good evening, everyone. i'm laura evans in tonight for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. three women all accusing the same officer of sexually assaulting them, his arrest marking the 18 times this year an mpd officer has been busted. that's the same number arrested in all of last year. fox 5's bob barnard starts us off tonight. >> guys, in this most recent case a grand jury has charged a d.c. police officer with sexually assaulting three women over a four-year period ending last july and intimidating them with the threat of arrest. here's what we know about the officer. his name is larry say, 37 years old, 18 years with mpd, had his
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police powers revoked last year accused of committing sex crimes while on duty in, uniform and armed with his department issued handgun. officers say his last assignment was a patrol officer in the third district including the u street corridor in adams morgan. >> terrible. it's hard on us and it's hard on us as people. who do we trust and who do we not trust? you know, who do we trust and who we can depend on to protect us and to keep us safe? >> reporter: sources say officers say victims were all women working the streets. rosslyn holmes said she had a cousin who did that. >> and she was approached by an officer and instead of her being arrested he took her in the alley and made her do a lot of things and she had to do a lot of things for him for many years. >> reporter: officer officer seay is accused of assaulting
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one of the women twice 3 1/2 years apart. we stopped by his home in the district tonight. a woman inside his apartment said he wasn't home and she had no comment. cynthia montgomery lives across the hall. >> i can't believe it. i just can't believe it because he's not that type of person. i can't believe that. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier issued a statement saying, "it's appalling to me that a member who served on the metropolitan police department 18 years would be engaged in this kind of conduct." the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia says, "this indictment shows that no one is above the law." again officer officer seay is just one of more than a dozen mpd officers to face criminal charges this year. one is accused of murder. officer seay made his first court appearance today and he is off the streets. >> very disturbing, bob. earlier in the report you mentioned that officer say had his police powers revoked last year but the grand jury just
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indicted him. why the delay there? >> reporter: obviously we don't know why the delay, but the last accusation made against him was from last july, so clearly police brass knew about this at some point, removed him from the streets, took away his police powers and turned the case over, did, to a grand jury. a police chase in prince george's county landed an officer in the hospital after his cruiser crashed head on with the car he was chasing. sky fox over the scene on melford boulevard. the suspect crossed the center line during the chase, hit a police cruiser head on. that officer has minor injuries. the suspect is critically hurt. also in bowie, two arrests and a deadly home invasion. john hatson and craig brooks posed at pep co-workers to get inside a home on living ton endeavor drive yesterday. -- livingstone endeavour drive yesterday. >> we want to remind residents that pepco typically do not
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send their workers door to door. so if you are unsure if a pepco employee is at your door, call their customer service line. >> police caught one suspect shortly after the shooting and arrested the other this morning. new tonight we are hearing from a mother who was taken for a wild ride on the beltway. it ended with a mother and her young child rolling out of the car trying to get to safety. this is an incredible story and fox 5's wisdom martin has been following this today. >> it is incredible you consider this 24-year-old mother had left her baby inside that black lexus to come inside the store when the suspect jumped in. tonight she talked about her bold decision to bail out of the car right on the beltway. >> he was going like 110 at that point, so i'm thinking if he's going 110 and he hits anybody, we're going to flip or something. >> reporter: a balance woman tells a frightening tale of surviving a carjacking with her baby. >> when i jumped out like that, i hit my head and i rolled and then, you know, i guess i stood up. i asked him to pull over
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thousands of times. >> reporter: police say the carjacking happened after 10:00 last night at a sit co station on edmondson -- citgo station on edmondson avenue in baltimore. terrance white was inside the convenience store trying to steal potato chips and after he left the store he carjacked a woman with her child. >> the guy jumped into the car. there was a baby in the car, also, and he tried to take that baby and she jumped behind him, also, to try to get him out of her car. >> reporter: the car sped away, crashed into a pole at a nearby crown gas station and took off towards i-95. >> when i seen the northern virginia sign for 95 west, i'm like he's going to take me to virginia, rape me and kill me in front of my son or something. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: he side swiped a state trooper on construction detail near route 212. >> as soon as the vehicle passed in speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour, he activated his emergency signals and initiated pursuit of. >> reporter: once the car hit
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the beltway state police from rockville got involved. as the car eventually slowed down the dashcam on the trooper shows the woman rolling out of the car into the third lane of the beltway. >> i pushed the door open while he was looking in the rear view mirror and i used this leg first and i jumped out. >> and holding her baby. >> it's amazing that everybody got out okay in this. now white meanwhile, the suspect is due in court tomorrow and he has a preliminary set for august. he's facing several charges, kidnapping, traffic violations, fleeing, eluding police, hit and run, all kinds of things. it's amazing that she survived. >> what more do we know about the suspect? >> going back to 2007 he has multiple charges of drug possession and one of distribution of narcotics and earlier this spring he was arrested for something else, charged with speeding. he's got a long record as well, but again when you look at how the story turned out, it's amazing.
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there's no other way to put it. >> incredible. >> right in the middle of the beltway. >> i'd be interested to see that dashcam video. >> hopefully they'll release it to us one day and show how really truly great it was. >> wisdom martin, thank you. a maryland man meantime behind bars charged with trying to kidnap a 2-year-old from the best buy on frederick road in germantown yesterday. the child's father says jermaine palmer grabbed his son and took off running. the father chased the man down, started fighting him. witnesses jumped in and helped the father hold palmer until police arrived. good news here, the choice was not hurt. the child was not hurt. now to a fox 5 exclusive. we all know texting and driving is dangerous. how about texting while walking especially near hazards like metrorail tracks? earlier this month a woman nearly died after falling onto the tracks while texting, but another rider pulled her up to safety. tonight he's sharing his story only with fox 5's sherri ly. >> i was walking up here on this platform and i heard one
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scream. >> reporter: jonathan dende ran after hearing a second scream at the medical center metro station. a woman was on the tracks. >> i guess her sandal had been impaled by one of the spokes and was actually stuck on the tracks. >> reporter: two people kneeled over to reach her. dende jumped. >> i kind of had to take a leap of faith. that was the scariest part. i had to kind of like hoist her up, lift her up off the ground and put her onto the platform. >> reporter: the woman said she was texting, walked off the escalator and right off the platform. a few feet made all the difference between life and death because right over there is the electrified third rail. had the woman touched that, she would have been electrocuted. >> it's really a concern that someone could be so engrossed in texting not paying attention to their surroundings on the metrorail system to walk right off the edge of the platform. >> reporter: dende who was visiting his father only
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vaguely knew about the 750-volt electrical current. >> that was definitely the biggest fear in jumping. >> reporter: people texting don't fall into the tracks every day, but with people and their phones inseparable metro sees people trip and fall while texting on escalators or just walking. >> those are the opportunities for accidents to happen. >> reporter: the accident happened july 3rd, a sunday. trains run every 12 minutes instead of every six. fortunate timing because minutes after the rescue a train arrived. >> it definitely shook me up a little bit. i had tears in my eyes actually on the metro afterwards. >> reporter: he doesn't remember the woman's name and never saw if she had her phone. in bethesda, sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> the good news is medics treated the woman at the station and to make her feel better dende even made up a story telling her he fell down
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once while texting. fox 5 is monitoring metro around the clock. if you have an issue for us to investigate, send us an e-mail at g the cell phones of 9/11 victims hacked, tonight the fbi launching a full scale investigation into those allegations, more on the twists in the news corp. phone hacking scandal coming up next. plus a shocker in the roger clemens trial, the judge declares a mistrial. find out the rookie mistake he said the prosecution made. audrey? >> reporter: it's harry potter mania out there. looks like audrey is having a hard time hearing us, but harry potter fans lined up for the big show tonight. we'll check in with her a little bit later. >> reporter: more than 800 people packed into the theater. >> hard to hear out there,
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right? >> it's hard when you have those crowds out there. >> it's going to be feign live shot. we'll check in with audrey -- a great live shot. we'll check in with audrey in a little bit.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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rupert murdoch agreed to appear before british lawmakers to answer questions about the phone hacking scandal that is rocking the british arm of news corporation and now the fbi is looking into allegations that victims of 9/11 may have also been targeted. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. fox's amy kellogg has the latest now from london. >> reporter: at the encouragement of new york republican congressman peter king, the fbi is now investigating whether the british phone hacking scandal involving a news corp. tabloid spread to the states with attempts to intercept phone calls of 9/11 victims. in london rupert and james murdoch have now agreed to show up and answer questions before a televised parliamentary select committee along with their deputy rebecca brooks after mounting public pressure.
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>> my message to rebecca brooks, just do the d you can't hide away from this level of public anguish and anger and these interests. >> reporter: in the first interview since the whole story broke rupert murdoch told the wall street journal he wanted to address some of the things that 7 been said in parliament -- that have been said in parliament, some of which are total lies. we think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public. it won't be the first time brooks has gone before this committee. back in 2003 she admitted paying cops for information. >> we have paid police for information in the past. >> reporter: also in this picture former news of the world editor and later prime minister cameron's press secretary andy colson arrested last week and former executive editor neil wallace arrested today. brooks was editor of news of the world when it allegedly hacked into the cell phone of a school girl who had been abducted and later murdered in
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2002. last sunday news of the world was closed down after its reputation was said to have become toxic. brooks kept her job as news international chief executive. some politicians have called for brooks' resignation. the murdochs have stood firmly by her. in his wall street journal interview rupert murdoch defended his company's handling of the crisis but said it would establish an independent committee to investigate every charge of improper conduct. in london amy kellogg, fox news. is virginia congressman eric cantor holding up the deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling? democrats say he is the reason talks are faltering. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on this latest development. >> reporter: with less than two weeks until the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling deadline democrats turn to the blame game. >> he has not been constructive in working out the problems we have. >> he's the on one at the table
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who hasn't yet. >> reporter: the he would be virginia congressman eric cantor. >> leader reid is i imagine frustrated as we unfortunately are. >> reporter: the house republican majority leader is being targeted by democrats who say his unwillingness to compromise is holding up a deal. >> we're not going to raise the debt ceiling if we don't have cuts in excess of that amount. >> reporter: the democrats naming of cantor as the reason the talks haven't been successful prompted speaker john boehner to figuratively and literally embrace him. >> let me just say we have been in this fight together and any suggestion that the role that eric has played in this meeting has been anything less than helpful is just wrong. >> reporter: but both sides have different versions of what's going on in the meetings. republicans say president obama stormed out of yesterday's session while democrats say cantor interrupted the president several times. >> what i've seen over the past
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five meetings in the white house despite the patience of the president is the republicans in the room who refuse to cooperate on a bipartisan basis. >> reporter: despite the bad blood it was treasury secretary timothy geithner who pointed out the one reality facing both sides, time is running out. >> we looked at all available options and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem and we're running out of time. >> reporter: now the bottom line on all this is that an agreement needs to be in place really by the end of next week in order for congress to have enough time to raise that debt ceiling by august 2nd. the white house has said to be considering another round of negotiations at camp david this weekend. however, republicans were noncommittal about whether or not they would attend. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> here to help us break down the debt talks, major garrett, national correspondent for the journal is here. thanks for being with us. >> nice to be here.
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>> sort of feels like groundhog day over and over again. today house majority leader eric cantor was called out by the democrats and some members of his own party. do you think he's to blame for stalling a deal here? >> no. i really don't. eric cantor, the house majority leader, represent as long with speaker boehner, there is a sense in washington right now that boehner and cantor are somehow at odds. their personality and their styles are different, no question about that, but their policy priorities are same. they want the debt ceiling raised and spending cuts equal to that amount, pure and simple with no tax increases. now it is true for about 48 hours last week john boehner, speaker of the house, was looking at a package, as were other conservatives that might have included social security cuts, medicare and a huge rewriting of the u.s. tax code that would have also required the bush tax cuts set to expire in 2013 to expire permanently. he looked at that and said you know what, it's a bridge too
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far. cantor was with boehner on that. the idea that boehner was sort of sawed off on this limb he crawled out on based on my reporting and other reporting in national journal simply isn't true. the fundamental reality is this. the national journal reports this tomorrow. eric cantor is not currently the center of gravity. mitch mcconnell and harry reid in the senate are because they're working on a deal that might get the nation and obama administration out of this fix. that's where this is moving. >> let me ask you about that deal. you broke it down in your column today to make it really understandable for people. >> right. >> is it really a solution, mitch mcdonnell's plan? >> it might not be the ultimate solution, but it is moving i think the white house and importantly the senate in a different direction. it has shaken up the sort of lethargy or the paralysis that had been affecting these talks and the legislative gridlock for the last 2 1/2 weeks. what mitchmcconnell basically said is president obama, you ask congress for a debt ceiling increase and outline all your
10:22 pm
spending cuts up to about $700 billion, you'll instantly get an increase in debt ceiling. so default will be taken off the table. that threat will vanish and we can work on the spending cuts and do other things. 700billion is not a coincidental number. based on my reporting it's about what everyone absolutely positively can agree to right here and now. why does it matter this is an idea that originates in the senate? because you need 60 votes and the senate has to go first. the house cannot move this because house republicans can't agree on what they want. so if the senate moves first and gets 80 or 85 votes and the nation is close to the deadline, the pressure political and otherwise on the house will be nearly irresistible. keep your eyes on the senate, mitch mcconnell and harry reid. importantly today john boehner said mitch mcconnell's idea doesn't look very good to me right now, but in a couple weeks, august 2nd it, looks pretty good. >> let's hope they get this done way before august 2nd. of course, we'll all be
10:23 pm
watching. thanks for coming in. not even two full days of testimony and roger clemens' perjury trial is over all thanks to a mistake by the prosecution. fox 5, one of the few in the courtroom when judge issued his shocking ruling.  these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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major developments today in the trial of roger clemens and paul wagner has been following this from the very beginning, a mistrial declared today. what happened? >> it was really extraordinary. i was just one of a handful of reporters who were in there today. this is the time the government kind of lays the foundation of case. no one was -- of the case. no one really expects the drama and they started playing testimony of roger clemens appearing before congress and they got to a section that was not supposed to be played for that jury. the defense objected and said the jury can't hear that. the judge became infuriated and
10:27 pm
dismissed the jury and he started berating the prosecutors and he said you know you can't do that. a first year law student would know you can't do that. i told you you can't play that testimony for this jury and they played it anyway. so he then got up, left the bench, went and conferred with colleagues and came back and declared a mistrial. it was just a stunning development. >> immediate mistrial. what was it like to be in that courtroom? sounds like everybody was pretty fired up. >> it was high drama. there were people who were in the courthouse who heard either through twitter or another way that something dramatic was happening and people came running down the hallways and packed the courtroom from everywhere. >> everyone surprised. >> yes. and went in there because they heard the judge may declare a mistrial and the courtroom was packed and he said look, i can't let this go on. it's too prejudicial to roger clemens. he's not going to get a fair trial. i have to declare a mistrial. roger clemens didn't have much for a reaction. i watched him as he got up, walked out, got on the phone
10:28 pm
and walked down the hallway down himself. >> whats now? >> the judge wants to get motions from each side as to what they think should happen next. the judge raised the question could there be double jeopardy here? can the government actually bring foretrial against roger clemens? can they do it? now that's a question that they'll have to argue in court. there's a hearing set for september 2nd. it could be that roger clemens is not retried. >> boy, after all the difficulty in seating a jury. >> and money, yes, a lot of expense. >> we'll all be watching to see where this goes next. paul wagner, thanks very much. still ahead tonight we going one on one with former d.c. mayor adrian fenty. hear what he thinks about the new administration and he tells us what's next for his political future.
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at 10:00. former d.c. mayor adrian fenty has a new job. he sat down with me this evening to talk about his new position as special counsel at the d.c. law firm cloris, perry and mitchell. he also spoke about the state of d.c. under the gray administration. >> what do you think about the state of the d.c. right now? >> i think it the election doesn't say everything you do was wrong. it says some of the things we were doing was very good, but there were more things the people wanted to have happen. that's not dissimilar from what happened when i took over the government. i said very clearly my predecessor was a very successful mayor. what we wanted to do was add onto it. i think that's what the new administration is doing. after they're finished, there will be a new mayor and that person will continue on. i think that's part of the city growing. no question about it. i grew up in washington d.c. in so many ways it's come a long way and there's no single
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person that's responsible for that. a lot of people contributed. when i was on the city council, i worked with some great people who did a lot for the city, the mayor then, mayor williams. >> when you look at the transition that's gone on right now, we look back at the election, one of your challengers then is now accusing mayor gray of a pay for play scandal, that he was paid off to attack you during the campaign and we know that's now under investigation. what are your thoughts on that whole situation with sulaimon brown and mayor gray? >> i really don't one, follow the issues that closely. i've certainly read about it. people have told me some things. i made a public decision kind of just to let any investigations or any process follow their course, but not to comment on them. i think i owe the new
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administration and the city the opportunity to get things done without me saying things in the meet ya or in public. >> has -- media or in public. >> has anyone involved in the investigation from the inspector general's side contactedding this issue? >> they have not contacted me. >> you sat on d.c. council for six years and watched what was going on. right now there's a lot of scandal from the president of d.c. council to some of its most important members who have been there who served right alongside with you. what do you make of what's going on right now? >> again, just like everybody else, i read, and like everybody else i want the best for the city. i have faith in the elected officials in the city and the people who put them in office. i'm wishing the city does well. the city always lands on its feet. it's a great city. i was born and raised here, will live here the rest of my life. i probably don't follow the issues as closely as you do,
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but i have confidence in the city. i think everything will turn out great in the end. >> one of the big things that you were concerned about during your administration was certainly d.c. public schools. michelle rhee was a big name to help come in and change things. her successor now kaya henderson who was also there working under my she rhee, what do you know about her -- michelle rhee. what do you know about her? how do you think she is moving the system forward? >> obviously i thought and think the world of michelle. i think she did a fantastic job and she's still a great leader in education reform in the country. kaya i think was absolutely the right choice to succeed her. as you recall, we stood on stage with mayor gray and michelle, myself and kaya. she's i think gotten a lot of acclaim for what she's done so far in the seven months she's been in charge. i've actually seen chancellor henderson on the national education reform trail and she's very, very well respected
10:36 pm
nationally as well, which is good for the city. >> just from talking to you, you seemed a little removed from some sort of the politics that are going on right now. >> yes. >> i don't know if that's a relief for you. you still have a lot of supporters out there. people still wanted to write you in, you know, for the election. would you run for mayor of the district of columbia again? >> no, i wouldn't. certainly have a lot of supporters and appreciate people who continue to be supportive of what we are doing, but the election decides who will be the mayor. i think it's up to everyone including, especially everybody who was in the race, to support the winner and most importantly i love washington d.c. i'm raising my kids here and i'm very hopeful that things will continue to go well and i believe they will. >> as for a future in politics, the former mayor told me he's
10:37 pm
done. he says he will be happy to work at the grassroots level as a community activist supporting the people he believes will improve d.c. and the country. it is the night harry potter fans have been waiting for for years. they lined up early and have been waiting for hours. we are taking you to thetheater building right now. we'll be back. 
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